Ranger Assist Program

Adult (18+) Youth (12-17) Senior (65+) Child Family (2 adult, up to 3 child or youth)
  $89 $76 $45 $205
Maximum of 5 people per tour
For Ranger Assist Program bookings within 48 hours, please call guest services to confirm a booking.

Ranger Assist Program


The Ranger Assist Program at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort provides an exceptional opportunity for visitors to engage more deeply with the natural environment and wildlife of the area, including the famous resident, Boo the bear. This innovative program is designed to educate guests about the local ecosystem, conservation efforts, and how to safely enjoy and respect the wilderness.

Boo the bear is a celebrated resident at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, an emblem of the wilderness that flourishes in this unique part of the world. Visiting Boo offers a serene yet thrilling opportunity to connect with nature, wrapped in the stunning backdrop of lush forests and towering mountains that define the resort’s landscape.

Boo’s home at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is more than just an enclosure; it’s a comprehensive habitat designed to mimic the natural environment of grizzly bears. This setting allows Boo to live as he would in the wild, foraging, hunting, and exploring within a vast area that’s both safe and enriching. For visitors, the experience of watching Boo in his naturalistic habitat is a gentle reminder of the wild beauty that exists just beyond the bounds of human civilization, encouraging a deeper respect and appreciation for wildlife

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